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Trosifol Colors

When it comes to laminated glass, Tristar doesn't mess around and neither should you.  You want a product that is safe and durable.  Tristar's laminated products are SGCC-certified and carry up to a 5-year warranty*.

Custom colors?  No problem.  Choose from one of our 13 standard color options. Our colored laminate has excellent colorfastness and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Need additional safety? Our colors can be seamlessly integrated with our standard HR100 PVB laminate to create any level of safety desired.

Color Code Min Thickness (in) Light Transmittance %



Y.85 0.045 85



O.55 0.045 55



R.30 0.045 30


Light Green

G.80 0.045 80



G.39 0.045 39


Dark Green

G.41 0.045 41


Sky Blue

B.54 0.045 54



B.43 0.045 43


Medium Blue

B.37 0.045 37


Brilliant Blue

B.31 0.045 31



V.30 0.045 30



S.00 0.045 0



W.17 0.045 17


Sand White

Y.71 0.045 71


White Translucent

W.65 0.030 65


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